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What is Araketke?

Araketke-Bereket (or "Araketke", or "AB") is a multi-national community of volunteers committed to working with local partners to build healthy minds, bodies, and communities among the people of Kyrgyzstan. 


We work alongside local governments, organizations, and individuals to provide under-served communities, especially in northern Kyrgyzstan, with...

  • primary medical care

  • inclusive preschool education

  • teacher training

  • English language curricula and courses

  • innovative educational technology

  • community development

  • sustainable development

Please consider supporting this work through a tax-deductible donation

We value

every person!

There are no unimportant people. Each person has dignity and value. Each person deserves our respect, kindness, and service.

We value


There are no unimportant groups. Each culture has aspects that deserve respect. As we learn about other cultures and communities, we strengthen our own cultures and communities. We thrive only when, in community, we fulfill our responsibility to know and care for others. We all have something to give, and we all have much to learn.

We value


Development is a holistic process that requires humility in acknowledging that we do not have all of the answers, faith in believing that something better is possible, hope in taking new opportunities, courage in acknowledging our mistakes, and endurance in trying again. We develop most completely when we truly share our lives with others.

We value


We have high standards for ourselves and our communities. We take responsibility for the results of our words and actions. We admit our mistakes and try to make amends, be we don’t lower the standards. We strive to be fair. We strive to do what we say we will do.

We value


We have a responsibility to share what we truly value. We do not use our gifts to gain power over others. We expect, welcome, and create change because change is a chance to learn. We strive to create resources, not deplete them; to build others, not use them. We strive for lasting results that are beyond our abilities. We succeed when our students surpass us.

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