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- "from many efforts come great blessings"-

We're working with international volunteers and local communities

for holistic improvement in health, education, and development

for the people of Kyrgyzstan.

Healthy Bodies


The village of Tendik ("Equality"), Kyrgyzstan, has grown very quickly in the last ten years, and the local government has welcomed our offer to work with them to provide public health information and primary care to this under-served population. 

The Tendik Clinic has served more than 3,000 people since it opened in December, 2014.

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Healthy Minds

Araketke Bereket is partnering with a local teacher to open an inclusive preschool facility just outside Bishkek city limits near the new settlement of Tendik in the Maevka region. It will be staffed by a teacher with over 15 years of teaching.


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Healthy Communities

Whether opening a clinic, or providing medical training, or offering English classes and tutoring, we always work with local partners. Government officials, teachers, medical workers, local leaders, and neighbors all play a role in designing and implementing our projects.

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Donate and Partner


Financial support for this project is managed by the New Horizons Foundation, a registered non-profit charitable fund in the U.S.

Araketke's administrators and expatriate volunteers provide their own funding, so over 95% of all funds donated through this site can go directly to Araketke's field projects.

If you would llike more information about partnering with us, contact us with the form on this page. 

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